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  • 2016 I-Crane IC-55

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    2016 I-Crane IC-55

    This is an excellent, multipurpose machine. It is a very economic option at 9 to possibly 10 miles per gallon. It is very maneuverable & is the only 19,500 GVW truck w/ a main boom crane. This machine has a rated 2,000 lbs capacity main boom crane that has been tested safely up to 3,500 lbs. It is able to pick up that range of weight due to the front & rear, out & down outriggers. The outrigger’s wide span of 2,000 lbs capacity is available in every angle in its reach. Example: the use of the crane load line at 40 ft side reach (straight out horizontally) will pick up 2000 lbs. A removable 500 lb jib winch built into the actual last boom section of the crane makes it easy to lift. This standard option that swings in front of the work platform making any installation or service job easy, & the I-C 55 has 2000 lb main boom winch that comes standard allows for a multiple range of service work.

    All 2016 machines are built for our customers & can be made to order with added options. Truck & machine come fully equip. However, specialized added options are extra cost, such as cab guards, but upgrades such as these are possible & considered at customer’s request, specializing machines to meet every individual work need. The IC-55 gives buyers the freedom to purchase a machine that fits their industry needs. The unit has a 1 year warranty for parts & labor making it worry & hassle free. The chassis & truck have a standard factory warranty. Price may vary depending on any custom additions requested by each customer accommodating for any specific work needs. Installation time varies based on any options added; however, typical build time to delivery is around 10 to 12 (business day) weeks from receipt of non-refundable deposit. Base price (varies based on any added options) starts at $120,000.00 for a Ford 550 chassis or a Dodge chassis plus transportation – special affordable transport rates.

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